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Amantadine, antipsychotics eg, haloperidol, risperidone , corticosteroids eg, prednisone , insulin, levodopa, maois eg, phenelzine , nicotine patches, oral hypoglycemics eg, glipizide , various other antidepressants eg, fluoxetine, amitriptyline , sympathomimetics eg, pseudoephedrine , theophylline, or tiagabine because they might raise the risk of wellbutrin s side effects.

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In a trial comparing chronic dosing with wellbutrin sr 150 mg twice daily to bupropion immediate-release formulation 100 mg 3 times daily, the steady state cmax for bupropion after wellbutrin sr administration was approximately 85 of those achieved after bupropion immediate-release formulation administration.

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also called wellbutrin bupropion or zyban or aplenzin, is an atypical antidepressant wellbutrin xl works on ne and dopamine.